The Low Glow of Louisville, Kentucky creates an atmosphere for listeners to elevate above any of their inhibitions to dance, sing and high five with total strangers. 

The original sound of The Low Glow is unique and mystifying yet relatable and comforting. Their influences include The Grateful Dead, Cake, Medeski Martin & Wood, Phish, The Black Crowes, and Umphreys McGee among several other less obvious contributors to their sonic DNA to create a sound unlike any of these bands.

By combining the quick-fire imaginations of accomplished jamsmiths Joe Bowers (guitar) and Woody Woodmansee (keys) with the solid rhythms of Jason Logsdon (bass) and Josh Clark (drums) and then wrapping it up with the soulful coziness of Jason Logsdon’s lead vocals you get The Low Glow.

The Low Glow is a smart, high energy original group with members that come from bands like Hawks, Zongo, The Secret Kind, Big Diggity, and Bloom Street. (In fact, Joe and Woody first played together in Bloom Street in 1997 when Woody was just 17  and reconvened in 2018 to help create The Low Glow’s signature style.) The members of The Low Glow have all spent time on the stages of local venues as well as bigger stages all over the country. 

Since forming, The Low Glow has kept a focus on writing an extensive catalog of eclectic and diverse original songs. The Louisville-based quartet is happy to share a few of those songs with the release of their first EP “High 5” (2020) and the follow up “It’s Alright” (2023).